Thursday, March 19, 2009


SlowPoke the Snail!
oh how we love him so!


Friday, March 13, 2009


EggMuffs! an Original SarahCraft design!

Can Replicate for $15

Here they are on their way to my best customer!

Garden of Eden Pillow I made for my Mother, Christmas 2008

Can Replicate for $20


Forest Green with Burgundy trim and detailing
One of the first scarves I ever made, for my brother, Christmas 2005.


can replicate for $10

Green with Yellow trim and Monogram, I made this one for my little sister the same Christmas.

can replicate for $10

Treble clef monogrammed rainbow scarf with green and purple border.

can replicate for $15

Black and White Checkered Scarf

cab replicate for $30

Pizza Scarf with Fleece Crust, YUM!

can replicate for (with fleece crust) $50 (without) $40

Bacon Scarf!!!

can replicate for $50

I love to make scarves, its so much fun. The task of making a custom scarf is more fun the more challenging the job!

Email me at to order your scarf.
Tell me what color and design you want and I will give you a FREE PRICE ESTIMATE for custom scarves not listed on this page!

Please allow 6 weeks for your order to be completed and shipped.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I made this Nintendo DS cake in May of 2009

Princess Cake revised!
I made this cake in April of 2009
Strawberry Bar cake with Light Cream Frosting and White Chocolate curls
I made this special for my hubby this year (2009) for his birthday, its his favorite cake and the bakery we got it at had stopped making it a few years ago. its not the best pic of the cake but it tasted delicious!!

This is a Classic Pooh cake I made for my son when he turned two in 2004

This is a Neon Cupcake platter I made for my friends birthday in 2008

This is a Funny Brownie cake I made for my hubby in 2005

This is a Princess Castle cake I made for my daughters first birthday in 2006